Developing the Skill of Pushing Ourselves


As we push ourselves, we learn to trust our instincts and our bodies to select the right movements and the right intensity. We do not want our work to be too easy. If our work is too easy, no progress can occur. We have to push hard and work consistently until we put enough time to know the difference between pushing ourselves in a way that is unsafe versus pushing ourselves in a way that allows us to progress physically and mentally. We have to abandon safety and be uncomfortable to enable progress. However, we also have to know when to decelerate. As we push our limits, we become fatigued, and if we push too hard, the work becomes ineffective and possibly detrimental.

There’s a point in time when I select weights for people dependent on their goals. At some point, they become proficient and know how to select their own weights. However, they’ll get to a point where weight selection falls back to me a little to get them to push themselves with heavier weights and get them to feel uncomfortable. As people train, they begin to find their upper limits, but when they become stagnant, they may need to be placed in uncomfortable situations to progress. I occasionally introduce them to new movements, such as box jumps or burpees. However, as a coach, I see the athletes having days that are stronger than others. Sometimes I have tired people with busy lives. Sometimes they need to be pushed, but sometimes they may need to slow down. As a coach, I need to help them manage their energy and intensity levels. Eventually, they develop instincts which help them push themselves and gain confidence to reach their goals


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