My Best Effort – Every Day

Only we know if we're putting in our best effort.
Only we know if we’re putting in our best effort.

The mental game I use to get the results I want constantly changes with different goals or directions that I decide to embark on. What do I want to maintain? What do I want to improve? As I mentioned in my one of my last blogs, internal dialogue is super important. I know myself, and I know what is allowed in into my mental program and what is not. I know what is a priority right now, and I know what isn’t. Lately I have sung the phrase “I want to get better”. I repeat this as often as I need to. The more I say this with the deep conviction and true emotion of really desiring to get better, the more I’m motivated to perform and push myself to continue training hard, especially when I have been training for a long period of time. Whether I succeed or fail, it is important that I am learning from my efforts. Sometimes we have to find a motto or two that really opens our minds and hearts up to putting out our best effort. What words get us fired up? What words ignite me to take action? At the end of each day I ask myself, “Did I put out my best effort in everything today?” My best effort doesn’t necessarily mean U needed to PR or complete something extremely notable. Our best effort on a daily continual basis allows us to keep making progress and leaves us with no self-doubt and the ability to offer something for the long haul. This will lead me to live a strong life and accomplish goals inside and outside the gym…always moving forward and resisting stagnancy. I always push myself to be better. It is what I do and it is how the Gramps raised me-specifically, with a smile. I truly enjoy expressing my enthusiasm for living a healthy and happy life by helping those around me-encouraging self confidence and individual success.



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