Developing a Winning Mindset


Lifting weights involves pushing ourselves both physically and mentally. When coaching someone, I want to build them and push them as far as they can go without physically injuring themselves. I like to show people what they are capable of doing with the help of a coach and help them build not only physical strength, but mental strength and confidence to push past old limitations. I want them to develop that mindset that even if the weight is heavy, they can push past and lift more. I want them to stop the mentalities of “I can’t do this” and replace them with “I can do this”. They will get tired and fatigued mentally, but I want them to build the strength to push past that mental fatigue. Once they build that mental strength, it is only a matter of time until they can make heavier lifts. They will have experienced the connection between the mind and the body, pushing past the temporary mental and physical barriers for concrete results. With time, rather than panicking at seeing heavy weights, they will see the heavy weights as routine. They will get what they want, not what they feel.

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