what happens when you don’t want to

Training and life go hand in hand especially when both take work and time to continually develop yourself and our goals.  When my training is great, it’s an indicator that  I’ve been eating, recovering, staying hydrated, remaining focused and training hard daily.   The harder I train the more I will need to put back into my recovery program. So this usually means I have to tighten up on my schedule and make a list of priorities. I can lift and train to feel good and that is healthy and sustainable. I’m currently focusing on managing the gym and putting others workouts ahead of mine. Which ok for right now because I’m starting with lower percentages and going up each week.  As my training intensifies, I will adjust my schedule to include adequate time to recover from workouts and train clients at allocated times. Today was a rough, I didn’t really feel like lifting today. I gave myself a longer warmup to clear my mind and remind myself of what my goals are. We also had a great group of guys today to lift with today. WE created a great atmosphere for working hard and getting better.  It ended up being a great training session.  Whatever we focus on grows -whether it’s inside or outside the gym. We must always remind ourselves what our goals are by writing them down.  It helps with staying focused. Today’s homework: write down/journal what your goals are and what steps/actions  you are taking towards accomplishing them.


I ended up deadlifting 200 kg  for a double today…and that is the result of pure dedication and desire to push through and hit my numbers…all on a day when I really didn’t want to….


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