Strength and fitness “AkA better@Life program”

Here is one my monday, wednesday, friday strength and fitness program. This program focuses on the fundamental movements,  while adding plenty of variation to stave off boredom, but if we are bored in a workout it’s probably lack focus or direction.  Stay focused and have produce intention on each rep.


Egosgue mobilty warm up, with a dynamic stretch

(db complex ) complete these movements 5 times consecutively with minimal rest between each movement. Add  weight after each complete round. Select  weights that challenge either your conditioning or strength or both depending if that’s what’s needed to challenge yourself. I will usually select weights for the people I work with depending on if they can push more or need to drop it down,  if their form or conditioning is not sustainable for this mini complex.

  1. db clean and jerk
  2. db jump squat
  3. db renegade row 3 right 3 left
  4. db snatch 3 right 3 left


1.Back squat 3 sets of 2 at 75% to 80%,  use a weight allows you go heavy but doesn’t require a spotter,  unless your squats are strong and you feel a Personal record coming on. If that’s the case then go for IT!!!

2.(a.) kb incline press with bands 4 sets of 12 (b.) buellers 3 sets of 10+ 12 alternating push-press with bueller bar (c.) Heavy reverse sled drag 2 sets of 44 yards

3. (a.) med ball plyo-push-up with a partner 2 sets of 12 (b.) reverse hyper 3 sets of 10

(c.) kettle bell (around the worlds) 3 sets of 20, this is a kb pass from hand to hand that circles around the body in both directions,  example 10 toward the right side and 10 toward the left. That would equal to a set of 20.  (d.) farmers walk 2 sets towards T st. which is about 60 yards up and back combined.


Remember to foam roll, stretch, and hydrate, these aspects of training help keep us moving in the right direction. Consistent workouts lead to better results. The harder you train = the more you have to put into eating right, getting proper rest for energy expended, more time into stretching and prepping the body for the next physical activity. All of the above also help Us become successful at life’s daily challenges or Curve balls depending on your perspective.




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