self perceptions of who we are, the roles we play in real life and our blue print for the life we actually live.

Self assessment of our abilities to gain a better understanding of what we need to work on or if we need new skills in general. Today I worked out with one of my best friends Chad Augustin.  I was definitely on the fence about training on a sunday. It seems like I’m at the gym these days at least seven days a week. Why? goals and I truly like helping people improve themselves. Since I’m working on balance and creating a life outside the gym. But since I’ve been listening to Les Brown steadily for the last four or five months, it has helped change my perspective on success, but  it has also strengthened  my mindset and Strengthen my standards on what I believe is possible. Have I lowered my standards before? yes I have and it nearly killed me on the inside and outside.  I know what it is like to give 100% to something and I understand what it’s like to give up myself. I’m in a position in life to give 100% to what I believe in, which to me is Midtown Strength and Conditioning. As I have said before, it is the Sacramento City College of gyms,  which to me means we Work the hardest on the fundamentals day in and day out. Yes the basics on training,  nutrition and Cultivating a winning Mindset.  Let me get back to todays work. I make it a point help out Chad with training with him when I can.  He has bunch training partners that he rotates through out the week.  Chad knows that We can all push a little harder when we have a team or friend to train with. So I met Chad at the gym about 15 minutes late after running into traffic. My plan was just to commit to an hour but then that was we got started. I was not there to get anything out of the workout. I was there to help Chad with him getting better. For the first few minutes, I kept saying to myself, how is this helping me.  I should just take a rest day and get ready for Monday. My blue print told me I needed rest so I can practice the snatch and clean and jerk at 90% this week and I needed to prepare with rest and getting my mindset right and organize my recovery from this up coming week of training. We completed the following strength work, 1. overhead push press from a rack work up to a max five reps. 2.weighted pull-ups 5,4,3,2,1-1,2,3,4,5 “we used the 40 pound vests”, 3. Romanian deadlifts at 185 with weighted  vests still on for sets of 10, 10, 4, 4, 4 then Chad and I finished on one arm 95 pound dumbbell rows 5,4,3,2,1.  By this time my mindset changed, just like that I felt ok  with being uncomfortable. The conditioner was up next and it consisted of 1 -300 meter row, 10 burpees, 1 belted sled drag to the end of the parking lot and back, 8 ,70 pound dumbbell snatches and 16 knees to elbows. We set the timer for 30 minutes and continued to complete 5 plus rounds in the sun. In my head I was  a weightlifter that needed rest.  That’s what my blue print told me. But in all realty this conditioner was what I needed to mentally challenge myself and it’s a very important time that I get to spend with an amazing person. Imagine that? the only way I hang out with anyone is at the gym. I’m either lifting or helping others push themselves towards their goals. Reaching weightlifting goals is important to me, but I  also know that I need to fit both mentally and physically.  Sometimes we have to change how we see ourselves first on the inside before we can manifest our goals or who we want to be.  It’s challenging for us all to change our blueprint especially when it’s been the same for awhile.   I ask myself this sometimes, “do I push TOO hard?” and then I listen to Les Brown say that I must go all out for my goals and dreams. We are on this earth to be our best and we are all capable of getting better at life.  As I worked out with Chad, I’ve seen him make improvements in both strength, conditioning and work capacity. Chad is starting to get back to being Chad. He has been working being patient with his healing knee and taking a pro active role in his stretching routine. Chad has made changes to his game which will allow him to get back into what he loves, it means he’ll once again compete with the best of the best in Crossfit on the big stage. Training with also meant I couldn’t hide and walk through this workout to be over. I’ve trained with him long enough for him to  know when I’m pushing myself and today he helped me push myself and get the most out of this work out. I have also trained with Chad long enough to see his subtle changes he has made. Most friends go out to dinner, while Chad or my training partners lift weights to spend time together. I felt really good about the workout and realized just how important it is to train with someone or with a coach. I learn a lot with the people I train with and grow from the people that give me the opportunity to help them on their journey.

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