10 Signs You Might Be a Frankenboss (or work for one)

Blanchard LeaderChat

FrankensteinFrankenbossnoun; 1. A mean boss that terrorizes his or her employees; 2. A boss whose behavior closely resembles that of a half-brained monster; 3. A jerk.

Tomorrow is Halloween and in many workplaces around the world employees will don costumes, have a party, and enjoy the crazy and scary alter-egos of their coworkers. On Monday everyone will show up to work dressed normally and we’ll resume our regularly scheduled programming…except for those Frankenbosses. I’ve reported to a few Frankenbosses in my time and it’s not fun. Just like the Frankenstein monster portrayed in Mary Shelley’s novel, a Frankenboss is ignorant of his identity and how he affects others. So before you start thinking this doesn’t apply to you (which is a classic Frankenboss mistake), think again. If any of the ten characteristics below describe your leadership style, take a look in the mirror and examine the face that’s peering back…you might…

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