Coaching Tuesday: Could You Use an Olympic Coach at Work?

This is a great article, we all perform better with a coach and the best do it with self motivation and guidance

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Skater-girlIn her online post In Olympics of Life, We All Could Use a Coach, Mary Schmich delineates the myriad ways a coach makes a difference.  She states:

“Most of us are slipping and sliding on the bumpy ice of life. Our execution’s sloppy; we are poorly trained. We need some undistracted steering and grooming, prodding and propping up. We need someone to persuade us when we fall to get back on the ice, the slope, the course. All of us could benefit from someone who always is there to beam good wishes from the sidelines.”

She goes on to outline with wonderful warmth and humor exactly what a coach brings to the table: unconditional positive regard, total support no matter what, undivided attention, and utter faith in potential and possibility.  And finally, the beautiful fact that the coach is delighted and grateful to be in service to the greatness…

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