Preparing to be ? You pick you decide, I know my goals, now let’s get to work

As I lay here preparing for tomorrow morning’s 530am training session visualizing the challenges and succsess’s that will play out this week. I will also visualize the leaders for the workout and how they’ll respond to surprises of certain movements and sets, reps or intervals, I pick out what ever they need to challenge themselves. Who wants to be pushed and who is willing and wanting to be a better version of themselves through fitness. I create programs usually on Sunday nights. Unless i feel the need to create a template early in the week then maybe i’ll refine it the day of or on a sunday night. It gives me a chance to accumulate info and digest how the week went for everyone and how I’ll help them push through different sets, reps, movements, both mentally and physically. When I prepare watch out:)! When I don’t it still means I can put together a great program for the day. Creating programs is second nature and alteration of a workout can happen in seconds. If something doesn’t work in that very moment, I’ll find a movement or rep scheme or whatever so that it will produce confidance in the people training and yes i have a powerful belief in everyone that I help. I believe in people, people really great especially the ones that want it. The ones that want to learn, show up and are ready to take a few more steps in becoming better. The desire to be their or Our best versions of ourselves from the inside out. Yes I’m ready for tomorrow, it will be a day of moving forward.
I’ll throw this in tonight, hard work helps develop self confidance, example learning to be a better infielder by taking 100 ground balls daily. The first few weeks might be rough, it just depends on the level of confidance that person starts with. Let’s say they have confidance in themselves to get better at a skill. It’s just that their ability to field is not yet where it matches up with belief. Now let’s go three years later 14 thousand ground balls later, Which would breakdown like this 100 gb’s x 7 days per week =700 gb’s x 4 weeks of gb’s =2,800 reps a months 12 months= 33,600:)! Wow that is a lot of ground balls in just one year. Times 33,600×3 =100,800 now were talking big league numbers in terms being an above average infielder. This imaginary infielder has built himself up some big league confidance in the skill of being an infielder, an outstanding infielder. This is possible, that’s how confidance happens. The belief and taking action to achieve in life. Just like stepping into the gym and training the body by practicing to be fit on a daily basis. As weeks, months and years pass a great body is being built and the development of healthy habits are ingrained. The habits of choosing bettter foods getting more sleep and creating a level of balance that make US feel good about our bodies,our energy, and most of all the belief that we can change ourselves and become better at anything we choose. We must then choose to get our reps in on a daily basis. Practicing being fit with dedication, desire and commitment to ourselves better. Let’s prepare to reach our goals whether they are new or old goals can be met with preparing to go after them. Let’s take that first step to make progress.

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