Meal planning

I’ve been helping people create meal plans for their specific goals and also in the decision to make significant changes in food and nutrient choices. Which means gaining an understanding of the basic food groups. What are fats, protein, carbohydrates and how do our bodies use them for energy, restoration and building. Just learning about the food groups can help with choosing foods that will help you get to achieve fat loss goals, performance, muscle gain and restore health. I’ve just now opened the door to about five or six more blogs. I’m going to stay focused the decision making proces of making nutrition program work for you. I can write fat loss diets that will work, but what I’ve learned is that once the thirty day, ninty day, or even 6 months to a year of strict dieting, at some point you get to your goal but now life sets in and the craving for variety might start to creep in. This is when the question arises how do I maintain my new body or what next? People love the results of strict dieting but it usually takes a great deal of dedicated effort. I’m here to present a healthy lifestyle of eating and managing body fat levels, performance and health. Eating healthy to me means eating clean carbs lean proteins and healthy fats and yes I even eating carbs at night. Too much of any these food groups will show up in your workouts, energy levels, bowel movements, body fat or lack of body fat. One strategy to understand the body is to experiment. I’ve done no carb for a max of 3 months, while lifting weights and conditioning ,  as I increased work capacity for both, I maxed on strength and maxed out on conditioning.  During this experiment  on my body and mind, I strength trained 3 to 4 days and conditioned for 3 to 4 workouts with some double ups on conditioning and some days on strength.  As I felt energy levels start to taper and also with it enthusiasm to lift and to  keep on pushing through.  I started this program of eating and training to jump start fat loss. I lost fat but I was now at the point where I wanted to focus on the snatch and clean and jerk.   So I added in carbs to my first three meals of the day and utilized healthy carbs such as oatmeal, quinoa , yams and sweet potatos. I keep it very simple, I keep so simple becuase it’s how I eat everyday. The better I eat and sleep the better my training goes.  After maxing out my time on the no carb routine , I was now ready to add carbs in and my body responded happily.  Energy, strength and vigor went up. So keep in mind as I got one goal such as lower body while pushing performance , I knew that at sometime I would go back to carbs. My indicators for adding in carbs were low energy and strength at  almost a plateau. Yes I said almost because I know and understand my body so well, I can make the adjustments that allow me to make the transitions of modified training schedule to adjusting the volume in my strength program. Oh I also got headaches too.  As I see it my training and nutrition go hand in hand. I also know people that train hard and rely on low carbs, but there training doesn’t exceed what they put into their bodies.  It’s like putting in 10 gallons of gas into a 5 gallon tank, most of that gas will be un used, fortunately for scour bodies are an Amazing piece of art and machinery . Our bodies can and will store what’s not being used, if over feeding happens regularly.  We can’t  look at the other end if the spectrum too,  what if we put 10 gallons into a 100 gallon gas tank? We would run out gas too soon for us to be productive.  What if that 10 gallons just allowed us to pull out of the driveway.  We would then need a more fuel and let’s say the only fuel nearby was fake gas and we used it anyways not knowing what was used in the gas to make it gas. So we bought 20 gallons thinking we would get to work but instead our car ran sluggish and did not perform like it should. Hmm kinda sounds like putting in cheap food or processed food hinders the body from running great or even optimally. I’ll through I curve ball and bring this into play, basil metabolic rate.  It’s the rate at which our bodies burn or utilize nutritients when it is at rest or stationary  or sedentary  . So not eating enough can cause the body to transition the way it expends energy.  So putting in 10 gallons of gas in 100 gallon tank  will usually cause this imaginary car might cause it to perform below optimally , kinda the same way our bodies react when not getting the enegy needed to sustain its daily activities.  Transitions and experiments. So Wheather you want fat loss or increased  performance it’s going to take a plan of action and also time to see what works for your goals and time it takes to get the most out of your food and the most our your training.




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