Why I do what I do

My coach said I should blog more about my journeys in life and fitness. I started my working my fitness or training at the age of thirteen, I’m currently thirty eight years old and still enjoy training, but at times it can be challenging when life comes from behind tries to break me of my routines that i’ve established through out my life on this earth. This last year I had some personal issues to take care and I did that. I’ve changed my entire life for health reasons. It meant living or dying. My fitness is very important in my daily life. Training is the cornerstone of my life. I believe fitness has saved my life hands down. It helps me both mentally and physically. Being able to move around and not be limited by any physical or mental blocks has enabled to reach a lot of goals such playing division one baseball, powerlifting, crossfit, weightlifting and of coarse opening up Midtown Strenghth and Conditioning. Training helps me take care of my body by eating the right foods, getting proper rest and of balancing business and life outside the gym. I have a strong passion for helping people get better at fitness, no matter what level someone is at I know I can help them. I always ask myself what can I do better today?, I enjoy pushing myself past old limits. I feel that a focused training program is the key to success. I’m getting back to heavier weights in the snatch and the clean jerk. Today I doubled 97kg in the hang snatch and hit 130kg in 1 clean pull and then 1 clean & jerk. So I feel I’m close to getting back on the platform soon so I can challenge my training even more. One the keys to success is staying focused on your goals and being active in the process of accomplishing them. Staying on a fitness program means investing time and energy and also prioritizing. Just like today, I’m starting up my blog again so I can help others become better. Most of my enegy has been put into my training and helping others in the gym. So now I’m making time to write and share more information on health, nutrition and of course lifting weights to live a quality life

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