Hello Strength Sessions,  I’m back from well just living my life and making the right adjustments for me to be happy and to make progress.  I really don’t like staying the same. I have a passion and interest in always making something better especially if I  believe in it.  Wheather it’s the gym or my personal development or helping others that really want to change.  Change is essential.   We are all creatures of habit,  I got that from a Randall Strossen article.   Now I’m at the point in my life where I’m questioning my habits are they helping or stalling progress?,  or do I just need a little help in some of the areas that I’m working on.  I’m not afraid to ask for help because I’m going to need it to get to the goals I created awhile back and I’m going to accomplish them no matter what.   Staying focused is a huge part of being successful at anything such a fat loss diet, homework, training, being a parent, teacher, coach, athlete, an IT guy,  a comedian.   In order for me to be who I’m,  I must remember what I’m everyday.   The greats that standout are those that don’t have to be reminded,  they just are because they are always doing, being and having others around them that are subconscious reminders of who we are.  Doing things that help me  maintain the focus of who I am.  I’m coach plain and simple and I coach myself and others  daily.


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