Going deep within

Creating challenging training sessions that force us to become better. Training with a team to help achieve them, even if we were to train alone which some are forced to do. The strength to get the very most out of training, even when the motivation
Might be low. If so let us ask ourselves are our goals worth it? Is a 110 kg snatch worth it? Is a 140 clean and jerk work the sacrifices that it requires? Well of course they are. Everyday we all must ask the question will this lead me to my goal? Or will this help my team? What are your goals and what do you think of as fitness success or successfully strong? Does having six pack abs mean you are fit and strong? Or does it mean you are outstanding with your nutrition program. Let’s all come to the gym with a purpose. A purpose of becoming the best you, a strong you and a positive belief in yourself. Let’s work on this together as team, because where you are strong, it is I that can use a role model and that is “you” to help me overcome the challenges that I must face from within. In short the people that we help everyday also help us to become better and it work both ways. I can only coach people that want to become better and want be challenged, because in the end we are a team and a team is only as strong as it’s weakest link. Thank you for reading and for your time.

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