Super training works!

Well it’s Friday which means it’s squat day for us here at Midtown. The last few weeks I have been at Supertraining Gym to put some heavy weights on my back. We had an awesome surprise today when Mark Bell walked in and said he was gonna squat because he was taking his son Jake to Oakland for a baseball game. Well it gets even better CrossFit Superstar Chad Augustin, Amadeo Novella of Novella Training Systems and Irish Ed are in the mix too! Mark goes raw with 4 plates and a super low box plus we are using the safety bar which is about 65lbs. or more. We all worked hard and had a blast while Mark gave us tips on our technique. I know I know you’re thinking doesn’t Camilo just do the Oly lifts and just ass to grass squats. Well yes and no? Right now I want want my body to feel some heavier poundages. So this means mono lift squats and heavy deads with some power pulls, which are super heavy low clean pulls. I want big traps and stronger,faster pulls from the floor for big time clean and jerk. The session went super awesome after 12 to 14 sets of box squats with green bands which adds about 40 lbs. Of tension per side, Nice. After the squats Chad and I had about 5 mins to get 3 rounds of 10 glute ham raises, 12,10,8 of 106 lb kb swings and 30 yard farmer walks 75lbs per side. Thanks for listening to me and I ‘ll see you on the platform. 108snatch and 140kg clean and jerk. Now it’s time to recover. Oh and the Gym was rocking today and we have two new peeps for the barbel club. Have a great weekend and rest up for Monday we pull and snatch.

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