Front squats and jerking power

Front squats 5reps with 60% then right into 5 jerks.

Then 4 fs and then 4 jerks at 70%

work up to 80% with 3 fs and 3 jerks at 73%

finish with two sets of two reps with your heaviest possible, I don’t give a percentage because your body will dictate how much and far you can go. The choice is always on whether or not you push forward. Hard work is a choice but being smart and listening to your body will help you make better gains in the future.

Kb single arm snatch. work up to your heaviest triple for the day. Let’s go until no triples are made.

Next sumo stiff legged dead lifts from an elevated position. Let’s use the heaviest kb that our hammies will tolerate. 8,6,4,2 is the rep scheme

Finish with max double unders, max glute ham raise, 16 ring rows and 10 rotating planks.

3 rounds hard and fast! .

Be consistent, and let’s take care of the body.

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