Sleep better

Nothing ever good comes out of being tired so respect your body and mind and train yourself to get more sleep. It’s a learned process, so don’t expect to fall asleep earlier right away. Create a step by step process to allow the body to relax and rest when it’s time for bed. Remember energy in and energy out, we can all use more energy. So let’s make it a priority. Step 1 decide that you want more sleep by creating a list of 10 reasons WHY sleep will improve your life and think of how much better you can
Be with quality sleep. Start the process by relaxing the body with your rituals. For example eat a little earlier, go for a short walk, read, shower, meditate and visualize what kind of day you you want and think of of all your goals coming true. Remember we train our brains and body to relax and prepare for a restful nights sleep. The first step is to decide to make sleep important to training, recovery and a healthier life. So sleep it up and get stronger.

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