Late blogga,gonna starta

Ok! this is what’s going down for Monday! Let us get off the weightlifting and force ourselves to get stronger with db’s. That’s right db’s are a great tool to get the most out of unilateral training. Using both the left and right side of the body to sure up or expose any imbalances we might have created in our attempt to reach new pr’s with the snatch and clean & jerk. By forcing the left side or right side to take part in overcoming gravity and our minds in the quest to get better in each strength session.

You ready ok here we go!

Dumbbell deadlift 5sets of 5 reps add weight each set and don’t back down.

Squat press 5×5

Hang squat clean 5×5

Snatch 5left 5right

push up row 3left 3right

Swings don’t use the handle use the head, we’ll test our grip strength 5×5

Bent over rows 2 at a time

burpees with dumbbells and yes add weight.

This is about getting stronger and adding more weight each set while maintaining your form and mental game.

Have fun and work hard, I can only push you where you want to go and I only know where you are going based on your actions. Be productive and be decisive about your honest approach with yourself.

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