Monday’s session

This week we will pass on the Olympic lifts in favor of developing other movements like the kettle bell snatch,db snatch and windmill. Let’s get more rotational to develop hamstring, shoulder and hip flexibility.
Monday 5/9/11 db snatch then windmill 3left 3right. Work up to your heaviest triple. Be patient and make the right adjustments your body needs to complete the windmill, since we are already familiar with the snatch.
Deadlift,work up to a max single and make sure to get some volume in. So get there early then drop some weight and do some reps.
Combine these 16 pull ups, 25 big wheels, over head walking lunges 40 yards and 30 jump squats. Complete 2 rounds and push your self, especially if aren’t training Tuesday.
Ok here is wednsday’s workout. Let’s utilize the double kb snatch then two alternating windmills, 1 right 1 left, then back to the snatch and make it a double. 5 snatchs total and then windmills in between which make 10 windmills, 5 right and 5 left. Stay with these for three sets.
Kb’s and mini bands. Use the bands as handles then use the incline bench to do 5sets of 5 reps. The bands are meant to help keep the body engaged in the the entire movement. Once you relax the body, the kb’s become very difficult to push. Have fun and add weight.
Next our finisher 12 buellers,7 box jumps,12 knees to chest,10 sandbag shoulders. We did 3 rounds in the morning and 8 at the 5 pm session. All workouts are modified to maximize the effect and produce the best result for a performance oriented session. Example some workouts are designed just to get thru and others are meant to have a certain outcome. Have fun and believe in yourself.

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