Randall Strossen’s 20 rep squat program

Work up to a single in the clean and yes it will be a full clean. Then
back squat 20 reps. Add 10 to 15lbs from last week, remember this program should be difficult. You will be pushed, so push back and be tough. You will go thru a lot of emotions but don’t put the bar down. Then jerk from behind the back work up to a max single.

Train to become better. Train with a purpose in mind. Be nice to yourself.
Use these things to recover, ice bath, foam roll, Mobility, nutrition, hydration, rest… which means don’t touch a weight but you can utilize these above tools to stay healthy, strong and ready to go forward in training.

Strength training is the ultimate fat burner and yes a great meal plan will get you to see, feel and enjoy the difference.

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