Something different

Run the rack with the dumbbell squat press. Start with the lightest weight and then do 1 rep then rack and grab the next heaviest weight. Do this until you reach your max single. Do 2 singles with your max weight, then work down the rack from heaviest to lightest. Finish the squat press session with 20 reps with your second or third lightest weight.

Next up driving buellers 3 sets of 10 reps and add weight to the bar.

3 sets of jerk recovery start with medium weight then proceed to do 3 sets of 2 with 100% of your max, 105%, and 110%. this is an overhead movement, it’s our 1st time so let’s learn about the movement and understand it.

double under practice 100, 75,50

Double kb high pulls 10 x with bent rows 10x do 3 sets and work up in weight.

let’s push ourselves into what we can be and appreciate what we’ve been.

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