Snatch work around the knees from the floor

Snatch high pulls 5 sets of 2 reps, keep your arch while moving your knees back to make room for the bar. Use the legs to create power. Use 70% of your best snatch, so we’ll get plenty of warm ups in.
Snatch low pulls 5sets of 2 reps, use 110% of your best snatch. Squeeze the the glutes hard and get tall.
The finisher will be 8 pull ups, 12 box hops, 10 pistols each leg and 4 sled drags 40 yards each. Do 1 round hard if you train on a 5 day program and do 3 rounds if you use a two or three day program. Let’s work on quality of movements and utilizing our bodies better.
We went to the Bodytribe Strength Camp on Sunday and it was great! Chip and his brand of fitness is very unique and a great perspective on where fitness is and where it will go. I’ll have more on this tomorrow.

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