The first movement, then move on

The first movement in a strength program is the most important. All the other movements are important too, it’s just that we have our complete attention and focus on a single movement. We are fresh in strength, mental clarity and purpose. The goal is to maximize the window the body has to create strength by adding weight to the bar and improving focus as the bar gets heavier and heavier and heavier. Strengthening the right movement pattern is a must, in order to place our bodies in the right position to succeed on making the lift. As the training session progresses so does our strength and mental focus. So movements that are lighter will be place later in a true strength session. This works for the true strength athlete but maybe you like to combine the movements to create a strength and conditioning workout, since you aren’t near max loads you can get away with less than steller technique and hope that you won’t get hurt. Better form allows for moving the weight or body more safely and more reps and a faster time for exercise competitions. Ok now my main point. Work your ass in the first movement of a strength session and get strong. It might not be a personal best performance, but you’ll get something for Only what You directly put into Your program. If you have an off day drop the weight and get some reps in. We always want are sessions to lead us to a goal. So stay focused and have a goal in mind with a deadline.

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