Fried and scrambled CNS to go please

The last blog was written on a trashed Central nervous system and so it We might not make sense. Yesterday’s jam session included Amadeo Novela of Novela Training Systems, Benbata, Coaches Sam and Tom Brinkius, Crossfit superstars Chad Augustin And Wes Hutchison of CF RockTown And The IronMind Jarrett Lee oh and Our blast from The legendary
Sports Palace Don Weideman. It was intense! it was Bulgarian! We all gave 150percent effort into all our lifts. we each made attempt count! And we missed a few and we came back to make some more lifts. The point is if you push yourself and want to make a difference then you can, Want to improve with some heavy and going after it. Trusting that You can get it done especially when you have a bunch of the greatest dudes you working next to you. We created a synergy effect and environment demanded our best effort. Remember you don’t want to hide behind that barbell forever. So step it up and let’s ask ourselves what can we really do? What is our potential? Let’s breakthrough and Reach to top together! Because their is room for everyone who wants to give their best effort. Whether we win or lose, we can always give 100 percent no matter what because we’ve removed all excuses last blog. So let’s control our attitudes and approaches to life for the better.

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