Game time

What’s the difference between practice and the game or attempt? Is it your approach? Do you have a different approach? For competition and practice? If so why? So what I’m getting at is if you really want to step it up in training, create a competitive environment in which the competition is actually a break or release of pent up enthusiasm

For not wanting to think but react and attack in a focused and trained effort that combines skill, determination and the Wanting to succeed. Practice executing your skill on a routine basis must be at a very high level.An Example using maximum loads while weightlifting to heighten the awareness to the point of creating a training session or practice where intensity is higher than the game. When this happens you will be be able to control your thoughts,actions and reactions to gain the ultimate advantage which would be self control to let the top performances play out.

So a focused and intense practice session can and will bring out the best and worst in all of us, then it’s up to us to make the necessary adjustments to survive and persevere and maybe even win a game or make an attempt for a world record and come up big. It’s through our learning about our selves in the mist of battle is where we can find more tools that have never used and utilized, it’s only when the weight is great and the game is on the line, that our trust in our abilities can shine through if our game like approach is really a game like approach.

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