And you’ve heard this1 no excuses

I borrowed the Augie Garrido DVD inning by inning A Portrait of a coach. It’s a great movie on success and why baseball is Americas pastime. Cap head coach at Sacramento City College loaned me his copy of the movie mentioned above. Cap let me borrow It last thursday and I had told him I’d bring it back the very next day, well it took us two days to finish the DVD over at CKM and I had not let Cap know about this delay and plus my truck went to the shop on Monday And I still did not bring coach’s DVD back. So now five days later and a text last night. My response was to exlplain what had happened and Cap would have said ok no prob. Instead of giving excuses over text message I regrouped and said ok Cap. I accepted the fact that I didn’t return a DVD on time and just wore it. That means take responsibility over my non actions for whatever that may be. The main point Is that we create our own excuses for why we can’t or won’t do something that will probably make us better by not letting ourselves off the hook mentally. That’s how powerful the Augie Garrido movie is, so check it out.

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