Our Habits lead us to improve, stay static or decline.

It starts with a goal then from there we must figure out where our starting point is.

Once we know, what we need to work on. We either dig in and attack our weakness or we shy away from the work that needs to be made in order for improvements to take place.

Some improvements or adjustments can be made the same day it just depends on your experience level and your current abilities and skills.

For example when I played baseball everything was about how I could improve.

Also there is not time limit with improving.

I enjoyed the process. I knew I would play in college which means play and develop until I was 22 years old. I knew I would have to have a professional baseball skills that would allow me to play at the pro level.

I also knew that I needed to be exciting to get people to want to pay to watch me play.

I also knew that I would need an opportunity by a pro team.

That meant I needed to bring alot to the table. I had to be a complete player.

I enjoyed working on my swing. I enjoyed hitting baseballs and taking ground balls.

I enjoyed lifting weights and eating to improve my performance.

Hitting, Throwing, Lifting, Eating, watching the game, Studying players and Learning became daily habits.

I woke up everyday knowing that I would get the right amount of work that day to make improvements on all the skills listed above.

The work was going to take place no matter what.

No excuses.

There were some ups and downs but I just kept moving forward and continued to give my best effort everday⚾.

Giving your best effort takes focus and belief in yourself.

You must give your best effort even when things are going against you.

Giving your best effort doesn’t take talent but it does take believing in yourself, your teammates and the love for the game⚾.

I knew in my heart that my focus and winning habits would lead me to playing with the best baseball players in the world.

And remember the process is more important than the result.

If you want to improve then be honest with yourself and start the process of improvement with enthusiasm.

Everything worth doing takes time and dedication.

Stay focused and believe in yourself.

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