Staying focused

I’m back on the blog, yes getting back into the routine of sharing my experiences and knowledge of training with weights and developing the mind and the complete baseball player.

This is also for my two sons Tommy and Max. The information I share on Strength Sessions, I would share with my sons. So my approach is very real and very honest. It’s easy for blogs to quickly turn into entertainment once you build up an audience through attraction of what’s written on blogs of all kinds. Then once products start making money the need to keep demanding attention gets loud. That’s when blog posts can get watered down and recycled.

Not that I’m ready to start writing, but I know that I just have to start. Once I make a decision to start writing my thoughts on training, life and how to make improvements both mentally and physically then I just made a commitment to myself to follow through.

All the Glory to Our Lord Jesus Christ🙏.

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