Doing what we don’t like in order to be the best we can be

I’ve created some time in my life to study, read and learn.  I made time to develop myself again. I’ve done this process a few times now in my life and I love it again but not at first. I choose  to pick out stuff or learn new skills that I don’t necessary like but will do because I MADE A  Commitment to my Goals and it will help me help more people.  I just finished watching a Mind Valley video with Vishen Lakhiani and hypno-therapist Marisa Peer.  It was titled 5 Mental Models for High Achievers. I have so far watched and listened to about three of videos and I’m learning a lot. One was on relationship building the perfect relationship and the second one was Six Unconventional Paradigms for being a Superior Parent. These are outstanding videos that can help us become better in different aspects of our life besides the gym, but the gym does help us start the process of becoming AWESOME.  These interested me because for one I spend most of my time thinking about running the gym, making improvements to the gym or just the day to day duties of the gym business.  I watched the relationship one first because my marriage to my soon to be wife Maria is super important and I want to be the best husband and best friend possible. Video number two, raising children and how to build a solid line of communication with the help of describing feelings and learning how to understand them. Having transparency helps with a deeper level communication and understanding of each as a parent ond as a son or daughter. This  also helps the parent grow as a person so that I can help my son or daughter develop into a healthy person in all aspects life from the physical to emotional and to utilize their higher consciousness.   The third video with Marisa Peer discussed how the best of the best do what they don’t like to, then master it to elevate themselves to Achieve their Goals.  Pretty simple and straight forward.  It’s what I’m currently doing now while I write this up. I did not want to start a blog but I knew that I must in order for me to get to my Goals and that was six years ago. I am very happy I did because I just co-authored a book with Brian Tracy and I because I started writing, it was a no brainer for me to get into a Brian Tracy book. I have plenty of other examples but I do want to stay on point with DOING WHAT IT TAKES UNTIL WE GET TO OUR GOALS and sometimes that means doing what we hate.  So make a list of what you hate but know that it will help out in attaining a goal or dream.  Yes this is a skill but it becomes a fun challenge once you put together the Success principles, which don’t break for anyone.  As always “Work Hard and Believe in Yourself”

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