Being uncomfortable, that’s when growth occurs and progress happens.

I had a coaching moment the other day,  I understand the process of when someone is ready to learn something new about themselves or just even needing a  reminder for them  and their  potential of what their body and minds can do, BUT what the Tremendous things in life that can be done with the combination of utilizing both in a combine effort. The impossible can then be achieved and Confidence steadily built up.  As a coach I must teach someone the fundamentals then build upon them on a regular basis. We can always work on fundamentals no matter what.  WE can always get stronger, both psychological and physically and at any age. Pushing past we think can do and then build up a new belief system about what we can do.  This all starts with practice and yes someone who first sees your potential for you to start and finish great things inside the gym and outside gym.

Now back to my coaching moment,  I work on developing relationship with everyone one I work with and communicate as much as possible.   Sometimes we make adjustments within the work out in order to work on a specific skill, movement or work around an injury or just rest a particular muscle of the  body that needs it.  Once in awhile I’ll get suggestions on swapping out movements or rep schemes. Yes I do make those adjustments when needed and if I feel that it will add to the workout or if they are just plain beat up from their last workout.  I don’t swap- out movements all the time,  especially if someone is cherry picking or making too many adjustments to their workouts.  I surprise people when they hit PR’s without even knowing that they would hit a PR.

Remember all movements have variations and the reps and sets are continually changing and that is planned. I do this to keep the mind and body fresh to push past old limits when the time is right.  I cycle through movements, loads and variations by monitoring energy levels, consistency of workouts, frame of mind, intention and focus.  I make sure to help get people into theses states as I mentioned above, right from the get go. The warm up and all my interactions are to get as much information about how they are doing and then I do what I need to do which might my someone smile, laugh, listen  or get them fire up to put in their best effort. I push people to get more out of themselves and I do this for myself too, I have strength coach, business coach, I’m in a  business Mastermind group, I’m starting up an online business, I compete in weightlifting regularly and I’m continually learning how to improve which requires swapping out old habits for new ones.  So I do know how to make myself uncomfortable in an AWESOME way  and that alone is challenging enough. Being in a constant state of evaluation is hard but the journey is worth it and the person I’m becoming is worth it.  I always hope to instill that hard Work will always pay off and BELIEVING IN YOURSELF IS the Best feeling in the world. It’s when we become our true selves, inside the gym and outside the gym.  WE can always improve some aspect of our lives and we can always build on our gym SUCCESSES.

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