trusting my instinct

Trusting myself, is what I do when I’m consistently earning the results I want or the desired outcome, I follow my heart, plain and simple.   It’s an internal guidance system that I’ve used to create success for myself and others.  In other words you can call it self confidence. I do follow the success principles of living a healthy life,  helping others and keeping my mind on being in a positive state. I choose to keep my mind and body focused on what makes me happy from the inside out.  I developed my instinct at an early age and finding baseball at an early age helped me focus  on what was needed to play as much baseball as possible,  that is where my heart comes in.  I felt all my decisions were based on how can I play more baseball, watch more baseball, be a better at baseball and how can I play with best. I fell in love with baseball at age 7.  My best friend at the time showed me what it was and how play.  When I first touched the baseball and threw it, I immediately felt a connection to the Game. I loved it so much I never doubted not being any good or being really great.  I knew in my heart that I just wanted to play baseball day and day out.  My instinct  told me to just play and have fun.  That desire and love for this game was the platform and workshop  and for the game of baseball  to develop me and nurture my truly unshakably belief in myself.  Over a long period of time I became really good at baseball and my self confidence grew each year i played better, and here comes another psychology term self esteem.  Self esteem and self consciousness are closely related.  I guess you can say I found my safe place to develop my internal confidence and  for trusting my instinct.  Baseball is a tough sport and hands down one of the mentally toughest I’ve ever played. Through all the good games and bad games, I always had time of my life for each and every game.  My instinct also put me in challenging situations to help me grow as a person.  I started lifting weights because my grandfather knew I was chubby, hence all those great cheap  snacks and a lot of microwavable foods,  yes I grew up in the late 80’s and I like food. So Gramps put me on my very first training program.  So simple it still works.  Here was my first work program,  back squats 3×10, bench press 3×10, bent row 3×10, overhead strict press 3×10, leg raises 3×20 and  2 to 3 minutes on the mini trampoline. During the summers I would swim about 50 to 100 laps in his pool.  The pool was small but it was still  some work to get that 100 laps in.  I trusted my Gramps and again  trusted my instinct as this is the right thing for me.  I really loved to lift, it made me feel good and a slightly different feeling that baseball.  It was instant gratification. Baseball showed me who I was and what I wanted to become.  Those are important because knowing who I was early on allowed me to follow a path to success.  Even though I didn’t know at the time.  I can only look back at that time and be very very grateful to have been so lucky to have sports and weights in my life and My family.  As I know now life has obstacles, dangers and challenges if  not directed, guided or coached properly.  I keep my instinct fine tuned with daily workouts and goals to push myself to grow.  I really believe that if I can do it everyone else can with some dedication and consistency and yes a desire to improve, inside the gym and outside of it.  


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