Keepin’ it Weird.

the newest video of our barbell team


So I went to my parents house the other day and fired up my old laptop with a bunch of old and weird “songs” that I wrote like in 2007-2008.  A few tracks I even try rapping over.  Spoiler alert: I decided to stick to lifting weights instead.  Anyways, I threw together a video last night of some recent team PR’s and showcased one lift in particular, the “mixtape snatch.”   I didn’t make this up but I don’t know anyone else that does it.  It’s helpful because you have to pass over your knee 3 times in one lift.  Enjoy.  And listen for the “muppet voice solo” around the minute 30 mark.  Yup, that’s me and my BFF, Kevin.

Oh, and Lindsay also cleaned 100 off the low blocks which I’m STOKED about.  Jen and Paige aren’t too far off either.

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