Prepare for greatness or a solid workout with visualization

Sit back and relax with your eyes closed and picture in your head what you want to happen in your training session. Create pictures of yourself making the big lifts or mastering your technique. Take note of all the details. What you are wearing, what bar you’ll be using, what song will be on Pandora or your IPod. Yes take it all in and create your winning internal enviroment. Imagine you having a great session.
Do this technique for really anything you want to be successful at and reap in all your milestones and goals. Visualization is used by the best of the best in all sports, make it happen before hand. Athletics is all about reaction and anticipation. If you have mentally replayed your part then you’ve been there and now we just let our bodies react in a way that we want. Practice visualization consistently so that your imagination becomes vivid.

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