It’s all the same

Training is all the same. We seek to push our physically and mentally, so that we are somehow making progress or just decreasing a certain stressor. In the end of a workout we somewhat feel like we’ve added to our lives. Physical exercise helps maintain and create quality of better both internally and externally. Have ever met someone who would benefit from starting training program? We all do to some extent. We all have different training outlets but we all want and need
To feel progress.
Now on to Friday’s workout snatch singles, 4 to 5 sets at 60 o 75%, not so great today, we should have just squatted.
Box squats at 75% 10x 3
Front squats 3×5 at 100kg
RDL’s 5×5
Glute ham raise 3 sets of 10 reps with the mini bands.

15 min break then on to a conditioner
100, 80, 50, 25 on the battling ropes
100 reps on partner snatches 5x each at 60lbs.
100 stair masters with a 50kg plate
100 renagade rows with 50lbs.

Next on to a bodyweight finisher
10 roll ups
5 jump squats
10 hip twist
20 bicycles
10 lunge jumps
For 7 minutes straight

That was it and now rest up for Monday.
Thanks for reading.

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