60 sets of squats

Our Friday squat workout consisted of 2 squats every minute on the minute for 60 minutes. It was tough but a great challenge just to finish. I allowed are athletes to choose weights that would challenge them and push them mentally. I used 253 lbs. For about 52 sets. The 1st 8 to ten sets were warm ups. We were able to train with Chad Augustin, Andrew Shemp and Bob Glos at a 6pm session. Only nine of us completed this challenging workout, although most left because of time constraints. I’m proud of everyone who did their best. The next morning I did the 8am conditioner with Bobbie Benibedes, which was a awesomely hard 7 movement tabata with 4 grueling rounds. Up next was an hour of rest. This allowed me time to get ready and train the snatch and clean& jerk with Chad Augutin

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