Strength is not a random choice, it’s methodical and based on your ability to recover

Acquiring strength takes a dedicated approach to something that is quite simple. Adding weight to the bar whenever the opportunity arises or having a regimen that you utilize each week to get the body to lift more. This means doing the same movements each week or using Different approaches in terms of bars, positions and loads. The goal being, to trick the body into getting stronger by training fast and training heavy but understanding that it’s the bodies recovery capabilities that will ultimately decide strength gains and progress. So I’m going to keep this simple because there are plenty of great articles on recovery. Cover all your bases with these 8 hours of sleep, the amount of energy,
I.e calories, the right goals, and mobility drills to help you get strong oh and a team to push you to greatness. Also don’t cloud the issue in wanting to do other stuff either, pick your goal of being strong and take it as far as you can and then pick out other challenges to test your training approach and strength.
You can make great progress with just a bar and some weights, so add weight at every opportunity
Until you have to start tricking the body into making progress without maxing and taxing your cns and your body and joints, but to do this you have to spend the right amount of time under the bar, yes you have lift heavy every week to learn what the body can do and can’t do especially yours. Everyone is just a little different and our approaches must fit us, so that we can Stronger!

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