Programing what’s needed to improve

Training in a team enviroment requires that you participate on a consistant basis, all the time. We get the most out ourselves by working to improve each and every training session. You work hard then I work harder mentality, is what we create in the good old fashioned spirit of competition. Find you weakness and turn it into an asset, earned and worked for. So let’s gear up to make improvements and keep in mind that change is gradual and not overnight. We do hold the ultimate factor and a very powerful one. It’s called making a choice on how and who you want to become or Maybe even showing others the way or just give encouragement, it really goes along way. We are the only ones that actually and truly know whether we are giving our best at any given moment, train with a team and your teammates won’t let you give in to settling for anything less than your best approach. You let up I let up and then we stop improving. That will never happen, well atleast not on this team. Let’s keep pushing forward through the path of most resistance.

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