Refine your snatch

Be proud of your snatch. Today will be a light skill day with the focus on getting taller, as get to your toes, squeeze the butt and shrug as hard as hell to move your body fast around the bar. the goal is to improve each week so focus and make each rep count.

Power Snatch1x,Hang Snatch1x then right back to power then a hard hang to finish the set. We’ll do 4 sets of 4 reps and keep these to about 60% to maybe about 70% if you feel strong and want challenge yourself. If you wanna break a sweat then do this [box hops 10 to 1, rope climb 10 to 1, double unders 50 down to 5 reduce by 5, dumbbell incline press 10 down to 1. Rotate between movements and add weight to the press and use a taller box after each round.] work hard and don’t give yourself an out, keep believing in your potential to do great things and guess what? Great things will follow. So start believing today. Every training session can and will lead to a better You.

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