intensity and progress

Realizing that you are at the right intensity for the goal you have in mind , will determine the results you earn. Our training sessions must be harder in some way than the last session. Remember the body always adapts to whatever stressors we place on it, so keeping the body guessing in terms of  weight lifted, amount of work done, how long the session, new movements, if  we don’t like to do it then we probably should. So focus on your weakness to keep improving. losing weight is a bad goal if you are already a gym rat. Gyms Rats should pick a movement to build or build up work capacity to keep improving and making the training session result based. that’s what keeps the fat off. If you train long and hard enough you’ll eventually learn how to eat for performance. Nutrition is no secret, it helps you recover between sessions and is also super important fueling your workouts. If you don’t eat enough then you don’t get stronger and the body can’t burn fat!.  Strength training on a consistent basis keeps you on track for a more productive and healthy life. One way to gauge your sessions is easy, ask this question of yourself, are you getting stronger? and  are you  pushing yourself during a conditioner instead of stopping every few reps, because your mind and body aren’t where they could be if you actually invested a little time towards your fitness. The great news is that we choose who we want to be and the goals we want to work for. We all make choices daily.

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