Fundamentals, that’s it

Doing the basics work if you get the repetitions that are called for on a regular basis. Everything starts and finishes with the fundamentals in any skill you wish to master. You can’t build a house that wasn’t built first with a strong foundation from there you can design and create a house that has character and will withstand the test of time. As in strength training the squat, overhead press, clean and dead lift are the cornerstones for some of the best strength training programs around. They are because they are simple, effective and produce great results when applied on a regular basis and understood by your body, so you get the most out of every training session. When you create consistency with the basics then you can add depth and skill with the snatch kb and barbell, turkish get ups, bur pee pull ups and push up rows, the list will get longer with newly acquired intramuscular strength and coordination
That comes with strength training. So develop your base and go from there.

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