For every new action brings forth new strength

This blog is a testament to me conquering my fear of writing. Yes the fear of having my thoughts read, debated, misconstrued, controversial, thought provoking and motivating. Well that is the goal anyway I hope. Any decent blog should hope to develop some interest, at least that is my goal for this blog. Just check out all the interesting and twisted comments on this very exciting blog about a guy who wants to help people create the success that they Want. It’s personal development you get what you want out of it and use what you can. So back to my main point in facing challenges. This blog is one of my current challenges and I have several going on right now. Working out is fun and easy because it’s for physical movement which we all need daily, the result of working out is feeling great about ones self which is important, so keep on working it out. Training involves goal setting and an outcome with a deadline. So develop a goal then that sets up the action I’ll take which means my training schedule, nutrition, rest, message, ice baths. The deadline is the competion and stepping up to the platform is where I’ll go and take my result which is a 115kg snatch and a 160 kg clean and jerk. so as a trainer of people I feel it’s very important to keep placing goals and challenges in front of myself so I can truly understand the people I coach. It’s a hands experience for me. This blog means that I’m growing and facing new challenges of both inside the gym and outside. Goals help create the road for change and progress.

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