I’m susceptible to improvement

Yes I want to improve, no problem there. It’s in my blood to do the best I can at what I choose. This last week of training has helped me become better.  I’ve been training the snatch and clean jerk. Hour by hour, Day by day , week to week, month to month. Improvements on the lifts has been consistent. My good friend Don Weideman said it best, “weightlifting helps make you a better person”.  This is true, when working out becomes training, training for a specific result or outcome.   When you cross that threshold of remaking yourself to become better life changes dramatically. Once training I look to what I can improve outside the gym, examples for me  are nutrition, hydration, sleep, leisure,  overworking, relationships, preparation, organization. My training has helped me make these changes because I want to improve. All my changes were not dramatic but sometimes subtle, a good example would be over hydrate, which to me means get in three  to four gallons of water daily and it’s worked.  My hydration keeps my body fat down and keeps from overheating during a workout. If I feel lethargic after a workout it’s because I’m low on water.  I train best at around two gallons of water before a training session.  I sometimes train at under two gallons and it’s usually because the training starts to accumulate, this causes just enough fatigue to set in and slow down my water intake. When this happens I’ll then force my myself to finish a gallon within the hour.  After this I can then feel my body temperature return to normal,  then I prescribe myself a great night of sleep. This sound like a lot but it not, it’s a routine and now an in grained healthy habit.  As you can see everything is interconnected as in life. My training has allowed me to clearly see where I can make the next improvements or just stay FOCUSED.  Work the process of becoming better and improvement will follow.  I always go back to this saying I work hard and I  believe in myself.  My true gift is my ability to work hard. 


  My life has become a routine for getting better at weightlifting, I’ve always trained myself for something, it’s really what I enjoy.  I love working the process of lifting weights.  I love to lift that’s it.  When I played baseball I loved developing my swing, breaking down the mechanics of my baseball swing was enjoyable, but in the back of my mind this practice that i did daily would show up one day while i was in my brand new baseball uniform playing on freshly cut grass and under Super awesome blues skies.  This has caused me to make sure i’m properly hydrated, my sleep is solid but this I can improve, the sleep thing will get better and has to for improvements to continue. I’ve focused on quality or balance when training  my clients. I used to be available to everyone all the time. Now I have set times for work  and some super awesome coaches that I trust and believe in, they help me become better and I’m also there for them to help with their goals.  I’ve hit hit personal records on almost all variations of the snatch, clean & jerk, and this includes my front squat in different repetition schemes. I’ll post some pics or videos at some point.  When I’m training I’m in the moment and focused entirely on what the task at hand is, when this happens my focus is razor sharp, that’s when i get the most out my training that’s when I make steps forward, so stopping my training to take pic, is not being in the moment for me.   It’s just me and the bar. Just like an at bat against a pitcher throwing 95mph and then has an 80mph change plus he has pinpoint control.  It’s now time to keep your composure and trust all that hard work and desire  and  Just Believe in Yourself and Myself that we can just let it happen,  letting our bodies react in a way that we’ve trained it to do, combining the mind and body to put on a great display of athleticism. 

Writing this blog helps me to communicate with my thought process but also help others get better, with some of my insights on training the body and mind to achieve. It’s a great feeling to know that I’m growing better.