Accumulative Actions

Everything accumulates, whether it’s training or life, it all adds up to greatness, productivity, consistency, or it can go the other direction, such as becoming mediocre, unproductive and inconsistent. I’ve worked between these two parallel universes and well, let’s just say, one of my best qualities I have is my ability to work hard and stay FOCUSED. I truly believe we can make ourselves better, in some kind of way. I’ve had my ups and downs, but I’ve always gotten back up to push myself toward goals and maintain a course of achievement. All these accumulative experiences have taught me a lot and have helped  me to become be a better coach and, subsequently, a better person. I feel that if I can complete goals, I believe everyone can. Everything in life adds up, so plan out what you want and go after it.

To keep progressing in training, I must do certain things everyday:
1. I have clear cut goals daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly. These short-term and long-term goals help me focus in the present, an easy example is eating the right foods daily that allow my body and mind to give 100% focus on training, recovering and helping others to reach their goals. I give myself no excuses, eating is something I can control and I’m not willing to sacrifice performance or feeling good in general to allow myself a weak diet plan. Food for me right now is fuel, although if I want to treat myself or have a cheat meal, I have it, but those times are not the basis of my nutrients.
2. This next one is tough, but I force myself to do it: sleep! Sleep is the ultimate anabolic formula of all time and it’s free. When I do lose sleep, it’s because I think I’m reaching an equivalent level of relaxation by watching a movie or something, but I’m not, and this usually happens on my long days at the gym. My bedtime is normally between 8:30-9:30 pm, depending on if I have an early morning client. Yesterday at a meet, I felt my lack of sleep really kick in. My sleep was off just enough to allow some weak thoughts to float through, but I knew my training had been dialed in, so I gave myself no excuses. I wanted my lifts because I earned them, funny how that works. Work your ass off to build good old-fashioned self confidence. The more confident one becomes, the more that makes anything in life possible. That’s why I share this slogan: “WORK HARD AND BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!,” really simple and if I can do it, so can many others, if they just believe.
3. Weekly goal is to write a blog and/or make video to try to help others succeed in getting what they want in life. Another weekly goal is to get 3 productive training sessions in, which means I PR (personal record) in one of those workouts, which again, builds more confidence. Example, I hang snatched my opener which was 97kg and just missed doubling it 4 or 6 times, I went after it because I believed that I could make that 97kg double. Another weekly goal is to talk with the people I coach and help them troubleshoot mobility issues, nutrition programs or technique work on lifts, and of course, goal setting and holding them accountable.
4. This is a daily, weekly and monthly goal, I always look back at the day to see what I could’ve done better. I’m always wanting to get better, no matter what. No matter what we do, whether it leads us to greatness or just an awesomely amazing life, it all adds up. So, create the life you want with a goal and, yes, just one to start with is a great start.