Hey everyone this is our journey into strength training, nutrition and everything in-between the Gym, friendships, coaching,
training sessions,rest,recovery and the psychology of success and what it takes to earn outstanding results in anything you choose . Let’s get and Be crystal clear on what we want to accomplish in training, life, friendships or whatever. This is a journal is about taking on challenges and staying focused on specific outcomes.

Here are a few things about me. I grew up playing baseball and lived everyday of my life wanting to play with the best. Whether it was little league or the majors it didn’t matter as long as it had all the best players, all competing at the most difficult game of all baseball and at the highest level possible. I look for ways to challenge my mind and body. That is why I chose weightlifting. Weightlifting challenges the mind and body by having To become stronger. and using the mind by having to be so perfect in any attempt the snatch or clean and jerk. Focus is in great demand through the participation in the sport. I like to think I can outwork anyone anytime. I really pride myself in my work ethic that was passed onto me by my grandfather, who I thank everyday for this special gift. I love people who work hard, I see it everyday with the people I get to work with. They are very successful at what they do and I’m very Lucky that they chose me to help them with their fitness. This page let’s me talk a little about how I approach life and training. I think of them as the same. Everyday it is a challenge to do all the little things in life that allow me to become a better person, strength athlete, friend and coach. I’m very hard on myself and like to lead by example, it is sometimes is easier to talk fitness , strength and self improvement then to live the actually process of becoming that person I want be. I’m not interested in programs or methods or tools, but what is more important is what will work for me and my athletes, this means my peeps in the gym. Solid coaching is what is most effective for building relationships in the gym. Being able to understand the person I work for and then give 100% effort into helping them become better and knowing that they to want to become better,Helps me become a better coach. Well that’s all I have for right now. See you all very soon.

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