change it happens, so create

Good morning everyone. This is my first communication on Strength Sessions in a while. There has  been lots of changes within me and also in my  outside life, (outside life meaning relationships, business, environment). My goals haven’t changed but my approach to them has and better yet, I keep working towards my goals  no matter what. I believe in success and developing one’s ability or passion or skills to the fullest. I’m still lifting weights and working towards increasing  my  total in the snatch, clean and jerk. This journey has helped me become a better coach, weightlifter and has given me an outlet for my competitive nature.  I like to compete with myself, I enjoy learning about myself so that I can share or help others in their journeys towards  reaching their goals or just becoming their best possible versions of themselves. I love change, I love that it can create a sense of newness  or  make something better. I love to create and grow both spiritually and with specific goals. To get better, we must change.   Sometimes change allows us two steps backwards to go ten feet forward. That’s the way I was taught by  my baseball coaches. I just trusted my coaches enough to sacrifice short term success for a long term a career. Adjustments in life and in the gym or on the field take time, so not being great at something for  a short time, takes patience, trust and the ability to believe in oneself, enough to get to the other side which is a New skill or the Courage to take fast ball which out of the strike zone and learning to hit a curve ball which the pitcher is throwing for strikes and hitting it the other way. I know long example but it makes sense.   I wanted to do my best and so  I listened and incorporated  new techniques or drills. Being a consistent learner I’ve built a solid tool box of psychological skills and methods  that sometimes I don’t understand until I incorporate them enough to allow  for growth to occur, sometimes all we need is new positive  words to use on ourselves to keep us on track for quality change thats lasts. Either way I still got better because it allowed me to take  in even more reps, swings or ground balls, you get the picture. I still stay  focused on becoming the best I could be and that’s it. I didn’t think about all the second basemen that could hit thirty home runs. I focused on becoming the best that  I could be. This meant constant evaluation in terms of what can I do to help (the) team win, notice how I didn’t say MY team it’s what I learned at Sacramento City College from Jerry Weinstein, what can I do to help my teammates become better. I strive to live that philosophy everyday.  I believe in people.  We are all capable of great things if we just allow ourselves to envision our hearts passion and drive. It could just  be a slight change of direction to get us to where we want to go. Whether it’s making ourselves better people with developing patience, perseverance, discipline, courage, strength, faith, dedication, consistency, focus, confidence and or our ability to help others.  These are internal skills sets that we work on at the gym or on the field everyday whether we realize it or not. It could be a  wanting to instill fitness into our lives  to allow a greater change from within, to look at ourselves and be genuinely happy to just who we are. After reaching all our goals and milestones we are still just Us. That is change for the better and using our lives to create the world we want. I realize everyone has different goals, aspirations, talents and perspectives, but in the end we all want to be a success at something and all it takes is a belief in ourselves. We can feed positivity into ourselves everyday in the gym, with what we read, with what we visualize, with who we surround ourselves with and the person we become. As the gradual changes build up and become habits of success.

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