work hard believe in yourself

i’ve recently hit personal records in the snatch with 102 kg and 137 kg in the clean and jerk, at 77 kg body weight. My all time best snatch is 105 kg at 78kg and my old clean jerk pr was 135 kg. This last weekend I got better both as a person and as an athlete. If I can do it anyone can. I work hard daily and it takes discipline, desire, dedication, commitment, passion, very hard work, I love hard work especially on making myself better. One lesson that I learned is that we can achieve anything we put our minds to! WORK HARD AND OVER TIME WE GAIN THE ABILITY OF BELIEF IN OUR SELVES AND WE CAN THEN SHARE WHAT WE LEARN WITH OTHERS. I have a burning desire to keep improving and getting better. I love challenging myself daily it’s fun. I’m on my way to achieving some new goals, which will keep me hungry for more.
I have long term goals, short term goals, monthly goals, weekly goals and daily goals. Staying focused is important and right now i’m razor sharp and committed myself to keep improving. It’s who I’am I have a passion to learn and keep getting better. I also have a passion to help others that want to work and make changes to improve themselves and their lives. WE can all improve! Let get better! and have fun doing it!!!!!!

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