work hard and believe in yourself, I know we can do it

work hard believe in yourself. paying the price to get the most out of myself. reaching my highest potential with weightlifting, coaching and helping others reach their goals or what makes them and our best possible self.  with athletic endeavors i’m faced with daily choices just like life.  choices such as going to bed early, eating the right foods for my body, keeping my body hydrated and maintaining a clean and clear mental state. staying positive and always moving forward. i strive to grow intellectually and spiritually.  my belief in my self is what guides me to always strive to do my best.  doing my best helps with my  confidence, which in turns helps with my belief in myself.  Let’s all take action daily toward becoming better, at whatever we choose.  We all can do amazing things and accomplish any goal we set.  Go for it!


in who i am and what about.  i’m very passionate about reaching goals and making a difference in the lives of the people around me.  i trust myself to succeed  and reach all my life goals without a doubt, i no longer hold myself back and I’m responsible for taking the actions necassary








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