Coaching, what is it

Being super focused and not giving myself an out or reason not to be successful.
Training the snatch and clean and jerk is very tough. Training difficult movements everyday can play havoc on your central nervous system, mental game and your body. Train hard enough to make gains and create a recovery plan that allows you to reach your goals.

I guess, I should talk about coaching and what it consists of. A good coach has the ability to communicate with people of all ages and abilty no matter what the subject is and all in the same classroom or gym. And yes they have different questions on movements, nutrition, inspiration, motivation and varying reasons on why they train to a certain extent. A good coach acknowledges everyone first to get a feel on the troubleshooting that will take place. Yes most coaches pick out few adjustments that are continually a works in progress which leads to consistan improvement. I start with the person that needs the most help and begin to build the foundation for strong and safe movement
both with a load and without. We are only as strong as our weakest link and we all learn together. The advanced trainer to the novice, to the beginner must come together and all help each other. We now have a community of improvement, where everyone is involved in the learning process. Each person than becomes a coach and ultimately becomes better too, they get to see movement from a different angle. Now that’s a good coach. A good coach helps everyone from the star pupil to a person that just stepped into a gym for their first time. A good coach believes in the people he or she works with and helps them to believe in themselves.
Now than, what is a great coach? That’ll be next week.

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