Another Friday night at Midtown Barbell, here is Ben going for 20 reps

The Wizard of Occam

Saturdays are usually our volume squatting days, but I got mine in tonight after going heavy.  I’ll be in the city tomorrow as I have 2 lifters in a local meet.  I snatched 130.  My best in about 4 weeks.  I injured my wrist two weeks before the open and it is still bothering me.  Consequently, I haven’t been able to snatch very well lately (or at all).  I moved in my grip a little just for the time being and it’s helping a bit.  I also had a great clean and jerk at 170.  Dece.

Here’s my set of 20.  I took it up to 220 before this and dropped down to 150.

Pretty fun in my opinion.

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