Monday’s strength session

Triples from the blocks just below the knee, work up to 70 for 2 or 3 sets
Reverse band deadlifts, worked up to 575 with green bands. Also bands were a lot lower then what height we normally use. We dropped the bar to 3 plates and did a set 5 reps.
We finished with kb snatches 5 left 5 right, 20 pull ups butter fly style, for 3 to 5 rounds.
This new year doesn’t feel so new. We finished the year super busy and now we have started the New year really busy, which is a good thing if it leads us to our ultimate goal in becoming a legendary gym.
I feel that I must organize my day better in order to stay on top of daily, weekly,monthly,quarterly, yearly and the 5 and 10 year plan.
Lately I ‘ve felt torn between doing conditioning to improve my weightlifting performance and then doing CrossFit style programing. Which means hammering the shoulders, which too much shoulder work in a conditioner does not seem to help my weightlifting and can hinder the stability of a heavy snatch session. So I usually modify the movements so that my conditioning sessions don’t wreak havoc on my strength. Well back to organizing my schedule so that it works for me and I can get the most out of each day. 1 more rest, go to bed an hour earlier. 2 pick 1 day every two weeks and create a monthly schedule to be a template. and I’ll start today. 3. Plan my meals and have them prepared. I’m looking to compete in the 77kg class this year so it’s time to clean up the loose nutrient program. 4. Make sure to blog once a week and if so journal the workouts better.5. Write down my goals everyday. 6. Help the people that actually want help.

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