End of the year is coming to an end

Well I thought I would write today. So here we go. In November we started to live stream our barbell workouts on Wednesday and Friday’s. We start the broadcast at around 8am. We have a great group of guys that like to train hard and some women. So if you get time check us out on ustream.com we always have guests. The live feed runs for about 3 to 4 hours. The broadcast usually ends around 12ish unless something big goes up.
We just finished up the record breakers meet on December 11th. We had 8 members of the barbell team compete. Yeah we looked like a weightlifting mob, in a good way. Sam Brinhkuis pr’d in the c@j, John Tai pr’d in the c&j, Cameron Poya pr’d in the clean and in the snatch and total, Angela Devane competed in her 1st meet, Matt Pedri competed in his 1st meet, Austin Gwaltney pr’d in the snatch, Charlie Zamora Pr’d in 5 times. I also competed and hit all three snatches, but I have plenty more work to do. Thanks for listening and check out sessions.com for interviews and highlights.

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